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Q. Should we do a first look? 

A. Doing a first look is completely up to you. Some people enjoy being more traditional and viewing their spouse for the first time walking down the aisle. Others love to have a special time before the ceremony to meet with their fiance in a private setting. Either are awesome options! Doing a first look does give us more time to take pictures before the ceremony, and therefore you are able to spend more time at the reception later in the day. 

Q. Should we have a second shooter? 

A. How large is your guest list and how many photographs do you want on your wedding day? I will always recommend having a second shooter, but if you worry about the cost then these are the two most important factors that should determine your answer. Having a second shooter is primarily helpful when there are a lot of attendees at your wedding. The more guests you have, the more memories will be made. Also, if having pictures of cocktail hour is important to you, consider a second shooter. Second shooters allow you to have pictures of two places at one time. They can be present to the areas I am not at while I am with you and your signifigant other. You will also receive 25-50 more edited images per hour with a second shooter.

Q. How many images do you deliver per hour?

A. On my own, I take 75-100 delivarble pictures per hour on a wedding day. By “delivarble” I refer to images that are unblurry, have good lighting, and are not duplicates. With a second shooter, I deliver 100-125 images per hour.

Q. What methods of payment do you take? 

A. You can pay me through cash, my website (there is a tiny fee), paypal, or venmo. I take checks; however, if you choose this route of payment please plan accordingly. I do not deliver pictures until the check has cleared. If the check bounces, it is the clients responsibility to pay the fee associated with the bounce. 

Q. How much tax gets added to the package total? 

A. There will be a 5.4% sales tax added to your package fee when you pay! 

Q. How do you deliver pictures? 

A. I use an online program to deliver all of my pictures online. Through the gallery clients can download, share, and print off pictures.

Q. Do we have print release rights to our photographs?

A. Yes! Yes! Yes! 

Q. Can we post our images on social media?

A. Feel free to share your images with loved ones! However, please do not edit, crop, or alter the pictures in any way (unless it's the automatic cropping that occurs on Facebook and Instagram). Please give "Kayla Mackenzie Photography" a tag!

Q. Are you licensed and insured? 

A. Yes! I am licensed and insured.

Q. Do you offer wedding albums or prints?

A. I currently do not offer album options; however, this is something I hope to be able to give in the future. Instead, I will give you a list of online companies that aid you in creating albums. I do offer print services through your online gallery.

Q. How much money is required upon booking with Kayla Mackenzie Photography? 

A. 25% of any package total is required upon booking. This deposit secures your session with me.

Q. What happens if it's supposed to rain during the time of my session? 

A. Usually I wait until 2 days prior to solidify whether or not rain is going to come. If rain does occur, then you have three choices. First, you can tough it out in the rain. We can find coverage during the showers and have a little adventure in the sprinkles. The second option is to change your outdoor pictures into an in-home session with comfy clothes. The third, but obviously less exciting choice you can make is to reschedule completely! Whatever you decide, I am always flexible!