WHO I AM. First off, let me say welcome! My name is Kayla and I am currently a senior at Liberty University who is majoring in Strategic Communication. I love traveling, watching movies, enjoying the outdoors, meeting new people, being with my family, reading, and drinking Dunkin' Donuts (Dunkin' is my happy place). I am also an insured and licensed photographer. 

HOW I BEGAN. My passion for photography started at the age of 11 when my parents bought me a point-and-shoot camera. At that time I began chasing my animals around our house, forcing them into poses, and quickly scrambling to get a shot of what they were doing. Over the years, that love has transformed. When I was 16, I took my first photography class, editing class, and received a DSLR for my birthday. Last year I updated my camera gear again, and started pursuing photography part-time too. While I still adore chasing my animals, I now cherish documenting people. While fixed poses are great, today I have an even sweeter appreciation for the raw, undefiled ones. 

WHY. There are several aspects of life that bring me joy- Jesus, my family, building relationships, storytelling, and photography are just a few. Being a part of your special moment gives me the opportunity to do so much of what I genuinely love. I love capturing you playing with your children, gushing over a newborn, or enjoying the excitement of your wedding day. I yearn for our time together to leave you with tangible memories that will serve you for generations to come. 

Thank you so much for wandering onto my website. Grab a seat, get comfy, make yourself at home, and stay awhile. If you connect with anything written along these pixelated lines, feel free to shoot me a message. Whether you are an aspiring photographer, looking for a second-shooter, an interested client, or simply just wanting to be friends- I always love meeting new people and would love to meet you too.