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Jessica and Andrew - Romantic Graduation Session Proposal  | Lynchburg Grows Proposal Photographer

Jessica and Andrew - Romantic Graduation Session Proposal | Lynchburg Grows Proposal Photographer

On April 14th, at approximately 8:45am, one of my best friends got proposed to by the love of her life. It was gorgeous, emotional, and a huge surprise. Jessica and Andrew are one of the sweetest couples. 

How they met:

"We met in a brother sister dorm event behind East 75. We where just hitting the volleyball around and talking with other people from the two dorms. We realized we had BWVW 101 together and starting sitting next to each other in class. She doesn’t know this but during that first semester we met I pretty much knew she was the girl I wanted to marry. We weren't ready for a relationship then, but I knew it would work out!" -Andrew   

"We met freshman year of college at a brother sister dorm event playing volleyball. We happened to be playing together and started talking. We figured out that we had a class together and decided to sit together. Our friendship was so easy! Everyone was telling us that we should date but I wasn't looking for a relationship. Then, my mom came to Liberty for family weekend and she pointed out that he was cute. A week after I started having a crush on him (Thanks Mom for the push!) I'd have to wait over a year for us to date, but God really worked on mine and his hearts over a year. When we started dating a year later, we had already established that foundation in our friendship. Timing was everything! There wasn't specifically a moment when I knew that I wanted to marry Andrew. It's been a collection of precious moments over time after seeing how much he pursued me in our friendship. Throughout the four years of knowing each other, Andrew has constantly cherished me. I knew that through all the ups and downs that we have had that he has been so patient and kind to me. After seeing how committed he was to our relationship, Christ, and his work I knew he was the one." -Jessisca

The story:

Jessica and I began planning her graduation photographs a month ago. We messaged frequently about all of the details- from the perfect time (sunrise- she's a morning person), to the ideal location (Lynchburg Grows- she LOVES flowers and has always wanted to go), and the right outfit (she almost wore pants at one point- I had to insist against it). Jess was planning her own proposal, spurred on by Andrew. While she was making choices about where we would have our session, Andrew was approving the locations she got to choose from. While she was sending me pictures of her outfits for the morning, Andrew was coordinating his clothing based on her selections. Sweet? OH YEA. Was she surprised? Definitely. Once a place was picked and a time was confirmed, Andrew told Jessica's room mates, Olivia and Kaley. Olivia and Kaley instantly began organizing an engagement party. Andrew did such an amazing job. He knew how to incorporate pieces of Jess into the proposal. Her love for her friends, her love for flowers, and ultimately their love for each other. I am so excited for their sweet marriage. 

I have included the timeline of the morning in this blog post. 

Jess and I started the day at Liberty University. We walked around campus for an hour, shooting at some of the most important spots. Throughout the hour- Jess was telling me about how badly she wanted Andrew to propose soon. She guessed that it would be May and was worried he'd be dropping down on one knee after graduation (she wanted her friends to come). However, she told herself she would be content regardless.. She also confessed that she wanted her friends to be a part of the proposal, but she was worried because nobody had the slightest clue as to when the proposal would happen (In reality, all of Jessica's friends had known). 


After leaving Liberty, Jess changed and we headed towards Lynchburg Grows. Andrew was already in hiding and had been since 7:30. Lynchburg Grows is a plant farm, they have around 9 different green houses flooded with gorgeous flowers. When we arrived, we immediately went towards one of the green houses. 

Allisonand Justin1-3.jpg

We took a couple pictures, I had Jess turn around to face the greenhouse, and at that moment Andrew came out. eek. 

Allisonand Justin2.jpg
Look at that face of pure joy and shock! When she first saw him she said, "oh hey" 

Look at that face of pure joy and shock! When she first saw him she said, "oh hey" 


In celebration we took photographs at the farm.


Sweet Jess got emotional at one point when she realized they are ENGAGED!! She said, "don't post these" but they are too cute. Sorry I LOVE YOU! 

Allisonand Justin1-5.jpg
Leg kicks! <3 Haha

Leg kicks! <3 Haha


Following our time at Lynchburg Grows, we then parted ways. Jess and Andrew went to Dunkin'  Donuts (Jess had been craving Dunkin' all morning). They used that time to tell loved ones. I ended up heading to their surprise engagement party early. Andrew told Jess that they were going to head back to rest for a little bit, but in reality they were coming back to celebrate with friends. She had no idea! 

Allisonand Justin1-4.jpg
Jessica's former roomies, Kristen!&nbsp;

Jessica's former roomies, Kristen! 

Jessica's friends from education, Hannah and Jamie.&nbsp;

Jessica's friends from education, Hannah and Jamie. 

Jessica's current room mates, Olivia and Kaley.

Jessica's current room mates, Olivia and Kaley.

Andrews former room mates, Clay and Josh!&nbsp;

Andrews former room mates, Clay and Josh! 

Freshman roomies. XOXO!

Freshman roomies. XOXO!

These two are so stinking loved. Their wedding is going to be GORGEOUS and they are going to make such a beautiful Bride + Groom. Adore you both, 

Kayla Mackenzie 

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